What does our foundation do?

A dose of painting is a long-acting pill

We believe this is an exceptional project, as each and every participant can experience the wonderful qualities of ART FOR CHILDREN. Our main aim is to bring joy. Our past experiences show that thanks to our project, the children's discomfort, hospital anxieties, and a strong longing to come back home all seem to disappearduring our workshops. Thanks to the ‘work within a work’ formula, everybody can participate and contributeto the finished painting. The process of communal creation is a magical aspect of the project. The nexus between the little patients and the adult volunteer artists creates a strong emotional bond, in which sadness is replaced with empathy, over-protectiveness with partnership, and charity workwith creative cooperation. In turn, the volunteers receive a unique gift from the children – the knowledge that their participation brings the childrens' creative visions to life and provides them with an escape from the hospital concerns.

What do we need money for?

Accessories for workshops with children

Materials for painting

The costs of running a foundation


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