Do you want to be part of the next edition of the Dose of Painting? Any help is welcome!

Financial partner

  • financial support90%
  • participation of volunteers80%
  • in-kind support10%
  • cooperation in the field of promotion70%

The financial program is a private donor (company) or institutional donor who would like to support the project - one edition or the whole series - mainly financially. We would be happy to repay this partner with a rich offer of promotional cooperation:

  • logotypes on printed and online material
  • presence of partner's materials at the place where the Dose is to be carried out
  • motivational and integration workshops for employees of the Partner company
  • acknowledgments during the vernissage

Media patron

  • promotion of the project30%
  • reports from the Dose’s events70%
  • article, reportage60%

We encourage all media to help with the project. Why is it worth it:

  • The Dose of Painting is also a huge dose of positive content
  • we provide 100% creativity
  • with each new edition we prepare new topics and invite new amazing guests