Man on the Moon
21 June 2018

Playwright, poet, painter, graphic designer, architect, furniture designer. It is the easiest way to describe the activities of Stanisław Wyspiański, who was born 150 years ago in Krakow. During the next edition, we will introduce children to this extraordinary character.

What is A Dose of Painting?


Workshops in hospital

Kids in hospital are making plasticine models


Adults are painting big pictures based on plasticine models


At the end we give the pictures to the hospital

Wyspiański’s works are mainly landscapes, portraits and flowers. Together with children, we will delve into the world of his works so that they become an inspiration for plasticine works. The material that is plasticine creates almost unlimited creative possibilities for children. There is also no bad work; the children can create without worrying about possible assessments because each work is unique at the end.

Adults transferring works onto canvas, will be also able to become an artist by adding something to the children’s work.

How to join us?

We invite everyone to paint with us in our atelier in Krakow at Dolnych Młynów 10 since 12th of September


  1. 11th of September – workshops with kids in S. Żeromski’s Hospital in Krakow
  2. from 12th of September to 20th of October – painting in A Dose of Painting’s atelier in Krakow (Dolnych Młynów 10)
  3. 23rd of October – vernissage in S. Żeromski’s Hospital in Krakowa